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9/1/13 - UPDATE - OK, I'm back and I have put up several new photo galleries in the Submitted Photos area. I have some real nice pictures of several different helicopters. Please take a look and I hope you enjoy them. I really enjoy the comments that I get through email, so if you have one, please send it over. You can find my email in the Contact Me link on the left side of this page.

8/25/13 - I have LOTS of new pictures to get up on the site SOON, but I will be away from the computer for about week for another back surgery. After that I have over 100 new photos to post in the Photos section. I have some nice aircraft to share with everyone. I have the pictures all ready to go, but just couldn't get all of the pages done before I have to leave today. Should be all up by next weekend!!! Check back soon.

12/28/12 - Well it has been a very busy, yet non productive year for me. I have had two back surgeries this year, and it has kept me from a lot of my normal activities. I have come across a few new issues this year, and hope to get back on the project in the next few months. Please take a look at the Kaman K-1200 Photos link in the submitted photos page. These are my most recent photos that I have posted.

1/10/11 - Hello All, I have added a Google Site Search engine to the site. I only have part of May 1946 indexed at this time as a test. I will be adding more "text content" as I get the time to do it. Check it out and give me some fedback and let me know if it is worth my time to do this. It is REALLY a lot of work, but I will continue if people want me to.

8/1/10 - I have added some pictures in the "Photos" link on the left hand side that include some nice pictures of Air Attack Helicopters and Fixed Wing Aircraft fighting a wildfire near my home. Check it out and let me know what you think!

7/10/10 - I have added a movie link to the website. I ran across this old movie from 1953 about "The Helicopter". It has some neat old footage in, thought you might all enjoy looking it over. Look for the link on the left hand side of this page.

12/22/09 - I have added a message board to the website. I hope this will be a good tool for all of us to get to know each other that have interest in helicopter history. I hope to see you all in the forums and get to know you. Please take a look. The link for it is on the left side of this page. After that click on General Info and that will take you to the board

12/10/09 - OK, I have 1945-1960 covers up and working. I will continue to work on getting up some new issues soon. If you find anything not working, let me know. I will continue to work out any problems as time permits.

On another note, This website is for informational purposes only and to share the real history of the helicopter. I do not publish or distribute the magazine. I have received many request for sample issues of the magazine. This publication ended in April of 1960. I welcome any and all comments about the site. You can reach me using the link at the bottom of the page.

6/21/06 - I have posted up some really nice photos of helicopters in Iraq. There are some must see pictures in here. Maybe if we are lucky, SSG Doheny will send more! Check out the Helicopters in Iraq link in the submitted photos page.

This site is for people interested in American Helicopter magazine as well as general aviation intrests. I have been collecting American Helicopter magazines since about 1980 and now have roughly 90 different issues. I started scanning the magazines that I have and putting them up on this site. I have started at Dec 1945, Vol1 No1 and will work my way through the years. This will be a long ongoing project, working on it as I get the time. If you would like to see something from a certain issue or year, let me know and I will see what I can do.

I have been able to put together a picture collection of thumbnail images with a link to a larger picture. I'll get a least the cover of the ones that I have up soon. Some of the pictures I have got off the web, so they are kind of lousy quality.

Got a nice photo? Would you like to see it on this site? Send me any helicopter or airplane photos you have and I will put them up on the site for all to enjoy.

Please check back, as the site grows!!

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