I recently received a e-mail from SSG Kevin Doheny, 159th CBT AVN BDE PAO, 101st ABN DIV (AASLT), LSA Anaconda, Balad, Iraq

He has offered some very nice photos of our troops and thier helicopters in Iraq.

Below is SSG Doheny's description of the photos that he has sent for us to enjoy. I would really like to hear any comments or feedback on these. I can be reached by using the email link on the home page. I hope you enjoy them.

Click on the Airborne logo below to get to a thumbnail section of these photos.


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The 159th Combat Aviation Brigade, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) is comprised of an attack battalion which is fielded with AH-64 Apaches, an assault battalion fielded with UH-60 Black Hawks, a lift battalion fielded with both UH-60 Black Hawks, MEDEVAC Black Hawks and CH-47 Chinooks, a cavalry battalion (new..still at home station) fielded with OH-58D Kiowa Warriors, and an aviation support battalion.

The 159th CAB is currently at Logistical Support Area Anaconda, Iraq supporting the Multi National Force-Iraq.

The brigade is from Fort Campbell, Ky.

For some of the units in the brigade this is their 3rd deployment since 2001. This is the brigade's second deployment to Iraq, which also participated in the invasion of Iraq in 2003 supporting the ground force of the 101st ABN DIV (AA).

The normal mission for the brigade is to support the 101st ABN DIV (AA).

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